Mark Zuckerberg Made $3.5 Billion in November, So What Did You Do?

Yes he’s a d-bag, and yes he’s the youngest billionaire in the world, but he also took a huge hit this year when Facebook stocks dropped from its initial $38 a share to less than $18 a share in August. That’s pretty rough, even for someone with as much money as this guy.

But, fear not FB fans, the ‘Berg’ is back in this biatch because just last month he gained some lost ground when he saw his company’s stock raise back up to almost $30 a share, making the mogul $3.5 billion in personal wealth (‘The Berg’ owns 504 million of his own company’s stock).

His stock is only going to continue to grow, with some financial pundits predicting he’ll hit $36 a share by the end of December. So, how good do you feel about that karate trophy you just won? Not so good anymore, huh?