Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Says Her Privacy was Violated on Facebook

It seems that Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is a bit confused about the social networking website’s privacy settings. After posting a family photo to Facebook where she thought only her friends could see, a friend of her sisters saw the photo and tweeted it for the whole world to see, angering Zuckerberg. The FB founder’s sister took to Twitter voicing her rage.

Randi complained that it was way uncool and the poster, journalist and recent college graduate Callie Schweitzer, immediately took the photo down and apologized.

What was this photo of, anyway? Nothing. It’s not scandalous, it’s not amusing and it’s not even in the least bit interesting. It’s just a portrait of the Zuckerberg family standing around a kitchen counter gawking at their phones.

What’s the big deal? Oh right, etiquette.

Tons of Twitterers lashed back at Randi for bringing up online privacy and etiquette when Facebook is known for collecting billions of user’s personal information and using it to sell ads.