Mom Crusades against Chuck Norris Cutout after Sandy Hook Massacre

Mahra Pailet

CBS 11

Dallas mom Mahrah Pailet took a trip to the North Park Mall with her two toddlers, under age 5, when she discovered a towering cutout of Chuck Norris, “The Walker Texas Ranger,” slinging two submachine guns Urban Outfitters store.

In light of the tragic Sandy Hook Massacre, Pailet felt the store should display some sensitivity and immediately remove the gun-glorifying display.

Pailet tells CBS 11 that the 7-foot-tall plywood display — which has a hole cut out where Chuck’s face would be so you can stick your face through and take a photo — stopped her cold. Thinking about the tragic shooting in Connecticut, she was shocked.

Walker Texas Ranger

Mahra appealed to store employees, who told her to call a 1-800 number and fill out a form and send an email through their website.

The Walker Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris

Pailet received no response from Urban Outfitters. Outraged by the lack of sensitivity, Pailet took to social media for justice. The cutout has since been removed.