NY Man Admitts to Killing 3 Women Since 1993

Lucius Crawford

When police went to Lucius Crawford’s home in Mount Vernon, N.Y. to investigate two cold case homicides from 1993 on Tuesday, they not only got a confession, but found the body of a third victim, Tanya Simmons, stabbed in the chest under his covers, reports NBC New York.

When police arrived at the basement apartment on Tuesday, Crawford was not home, but they found the body of the 41-year-old woman who was stabbed to death just hours before. When they found an arrested the suspect, he confessed to stabbing the woman at his home and then confessed to the stabbing and beating to death of a Bronx woman, in October of 1993 and another woman in Yonkers the same year.

“To the best of our knowledge these weren’t random attacks,” said Mount Vernon Police Chief John Roland. “From his early assaults right up until the current homicide that we’re talking about here, he knew his victims in one manner or another.”

Crawford previously spent 13 years in jail for attempted murder of a 31-year-old co-worker for allegedly refusing to go out with him. He’s been accused of attacking many other women, but none fatal. The suspect admitted to having anger issues in the past and said he attacked the women because of “the way they act” and that they “provoked him.”

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