Place Your Bets on Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy: Odds Set for Name, Hair Color, Weight

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Prince William practicing for fatherhood.

Where there is a buck to be bet, Paddy Power, the UK betting house that will offer odds on nearly anything, will be there. And today’s announcement of the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, who is carrying first royal baby to be born to Prince William, is no exception.

The most popular bets right now are on the name of the young heir, with Mary, Victoria, and John being the favorites at 8/1, two female names vs. one male? Do the odds-makers know something we don’t? William’s mother’s name, Diana, comes in at second favorite, 9/1.

If you feel like getting a bit crazier, you could choose the name of William’s father’s mistress, Camilla at 66/1. And just to demonstrate what a black sheep she is with the family, you can get Fergie at 250/1.

It’s expected the baby will be a light one, with under five pounds being the favorite in the weight category at 5/1. Odds of a fat baby, anything over 10 pounds, will give you 10/1.

Kate Middleton Betting Odds

There is a tasty-looking 28/1 that Willy and Katey will have themselves a couple of twins, 1000/1 for triplets, and a massive 5000/1 of quads or more.

A slight lack of options in the next category with only two options for the sex of the child, with male or female both 5/6.

A plain brown-haired baby is the favorite for the hair color, the slight chance of a red hair child is 6/1. Not completely unlikely when you consider the red hair of William’s brother, Harry.

Speaking of the wild brother of William, Harry is the out-and-out favorite for be Godfather at evens. A more adventourous gambler would look at David Beckham, 22/1 to take the honor, or 25/1 for William’s cousin-in=law, English rugby player Mike Tindall.

Beckham’s wife, Victoria, is the rank outsider for Godmother with 90/1 odds, well behind the favorite, Kate’s sister, Pippa who is evens. Will’s cousin, Zara Phillips, isn’t a bad bet at 7/1.

Place your bets!