Police Chief’s Theory: Baby Jesuses Stolen Because it’s Not Christmas Yet

baby jesus thefts

Is it ever too soon for Jesus?

One weird thief apparently thinks so, according to cops probing the disappearance of three Baby Jesuses from nativity scenes in Wisconsin.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that three Lutheran churches in Waupaca County are missing their Jesuses, but the motive may be something much more righteous than simple hooliganism:

Police Chief Terry Lorge suspects the thief believes that such displays should be historically accurate — and should not include Jesus until the day Christians celebrate his birth. In a similar theft a few years ago in Clintonville, Lorge said, the baby Jesus figurine was returned to his manger on Christmas Eve, just as mysteriously as he had vanished.

Technically, shouldn’t the Christmas Eve scene feature a pregnant Mary going into labor? And doesn’t this police thief, er, police chief seem to have a little too much insight into the mind of the perp? Just kidding, chief.