Rob Kardashian Splits from ‘Rita Whora’ — Tells Twitter She Banged 20 Dudes

rob kardashian rita ora rita whora

Brokenhearted tweeting is never a good idea, especially if you’re an immature d-bag.

Here’s what Rob Kardashian had to say on Twitter about his break-up with songstress Rita Ora:

Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora, Rita Whora

Separately, he called her “Rita Whora.”

The initial tweets were quickly deleted, but then he was back with more, slightly cleaner this time:

Rita Whora, Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian.

An uploaded photo to Twitter of the two in happier times.

Rob and Rita had been together for seven months.

But the bigger story than their b-list breakup was the Bob Costas-esque sh*tstorm the Rob-K rants begat.

His unflattering nickname for her, “Rita Whora,” was trending worldwide soon after.

Rita Whora, Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian.

Hey, Rob — the fifth grade called. It wants its insult back.

And of course Khloe had to chip in:

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