Sandy Hook Killer’s Mom Got Nearly $300K Yearly Alimony [DIVORCE DOCS]

eter Nancy Lanza Divorce Documents Adam

The 2008 divorce of Peter Lanza and Nancy Lanza, parents of Sandy Hook Massacre shooter Adam Lanza, left the mom with primary custody of a troubled 17-year-old son — and a massive alimony payment.

The New Haven Register obtained the court documents, which show Nancy was set to receive nearly $300,000 in 2012 alone:

peter nancy lanza divorce papers adam lanza sandy hook

After 27 years of marriage, Nancy divorced amicably from Peter, who works as a director and VP for General Electric. Peter also agreed to pay for the kids’ college and give Adam a car. The Register reports he could afford it:

In 2009, Nancy Lanza reported no income, while Peter Lanza reported $8,556 a week, or $444,912 gross annual income.

As TMZ noted, there’s no mention in the divorce agreement of Adam’s mental issues.

Read the full documents here:

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