Plumber: Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Played ‘Call of Duty’ for Hours

Adam Lanza Call of Duty

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza spent hours in his dark basement quarters playing Call of Duty and other violent video games that feature weapons like the ones he used in the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre.

This is according plumber Peter Wlasuk, who spoke to the Sun about his visits to the posh Newtown home Adam shared with his mom, Nancy, and sometimes his older brother, Ryan.

Wlasuk said Ryan occupied the basement before moving out, when Adam took over the military-themed lair:

The boys were fans of the military. They had posters all over the wall in the basement. They had one poster of every piece of military equipment the US ever made. It was a huge poster with every tank every made. The kids could tell you about guns they had never seen from the 40s, 50s and 60s. The kids who play these games know all about them. I’m not blaming the games for what happened. But they see a picture of a historical gun and say ‘I’ve used that on Call Of Duty’.

breivik merah call of duty

Mass killers Anders Breivik and Mohammed Merah (inset) both played Call of Duty.

As noted by the Sun and other outlets, two other recent mass murderers were known to play Call of Duty.

Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting spree in Norway, and Mohammed Merah, who killed seven in France, both played the game. Breivik actually used the game to prepare for his massacre.

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