Suzy Favor Hamilton: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

suzy favor hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton first gained fame as a three-time Olympic runner. Now, she’s making headlines as her all-American image is shattered, exposed for working as a high-priced call girl.

Here’s what you should know about her.

1. She’s a Three-Time Olympian

favor hamilton running

Favor-Hamilton competed in the Olympics in 1992, 1996, and 2000, but did not medal. She referenced these athletic accomplishments when talking about the reasons she revealed personal information to her johns, claiming she was conditioned to think herself invincible and view doubts and concerns as counterproductive.

2. She’s Just Been Outed as a Hooker

suzy favor hamilton escort

Since December of last year, Favor-Hamilton has been working with Haley Heston’s Private Collection escort service, based in Las Vegas, and booking dates in Vegas and other US cities, charging $600 an hour and $6000 for an 24 hour period. One client claims “she is worth every penny.” She blames herself for being “too trusting,” expecting her customers within the escort world to honor the code of silence.

3. Her Hooker Name was “Kelly Lundy”

favor hamilton escort

When approached by a reporter in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel, she initially denied any connection with the escort service. But she eventually owned up to her life as Kelly. Kelly rose to number 3 in The Erotic Review’s list of “providers.” It’s an industry term.
On her profile on the Haley Heston website, she is quoted as saying, “Well, after my first date, I was hooked, and have been doing my best to visit Las Vegas as often as my schedule allows.”

4. She Took a Dive at the Olympics

suzy favor hamilton dive

In the 1500m women’s final at the Sydney Olympics, she led the pack for much of the race until the final 125 meters when other runners starting the pass her. She had vowed to win the gold medal for her brother, who had committed suicide, but when she realized she wouldn’t win, she intentionally fell to the ground.

5. She Led a Double Life

suzy favor hamilton

Though she became a pretty popular prostitute, she led a relatively simple existence in her other life, married to her college sweetheart and raising her 7 year old daughter. In Madison, Wisconsin, she lives in a $600,000 home with her husband, who apparently was aware of her hooking habit, and her daughter. She and her husband run a real-estate brokerage business and she often delivers motivational speeches and does promotional work for a number of organizations.

6. She Was A Decorated Athlete

favor hamilton trophies

Though she didn’t medal in any of the Olympic games she participated in, she had a very successful running career. While at University of Wisconsin-Madison, she won 9 NCAA titles, which now is tied for the most ever. She was also named NCAA Woman of the Year during her collegiate career, and The Athlete of the Year award for the Big 10 Conference is named after her. Professionally, she ranked at number 1 in the US from 1989-2002.

7. She Basically Outed Herself

favor hamilton escort

For some reason, she shared her true identity with many of her clients. I guess men who leave you envelopes full of cash after sex aren’t as trustworthy as they seem. In fact, after she told one of her clients that she would be retiring from the biz, he called The Smoking Gun, who broke the story, offering them money to prevent her identity from being leaked, saying he would do anything to protect her. Sounds like true love.

8. She’s Super Famous

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She faced some controversy in 2000 due to an ad she appeared in for Nike, in which she outruns a chainsaw-wielding killer, many saying it made light of violence against women and was altogether too scary to watch. But in addition to that Nike ad, she has been featured in ads for Reebok, Pert Plus Shampoo, Nordic Track, Clairol, Oakley and Kikkoman Foods. She also released a swimsuit calendar, and wrote a book about nutrition and exercise. Quite a well-rounded woman.

9. She Works with Disney

Suzy Favor-Hamilton runDisney MeetUpOlympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton and friends take to the stage during the 2012 runDisney Disneyland Half Meet-Up2012-08-31T15:25:39.000Z

Favor-Hamilton represents Disney World and runs in the triathlons and road races that they hold at their theme parks. She also participates in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, though not competitively. A true role model!

10. She Has a History of Depression

favor hamilton depressed

For most of her life, she battled internal demons including crippling anxiety, an eating disorder and severe depression. After the birth of her daughter, she developed postpartum depression and credits Zoloft as drastically improving her mental health.

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