Teen Swedes RIOT over Instagram Page of Nasty Sex Slurs

Riots in Sweden! Angry blonde people!

An Instagram account set up by a teenage girl who attends Plusgymnasiet school in Gothenburg asked people to send in photos along with a sexual allegations about other students, and then published around 200 of them, according to the BBC.

It gained more than 6,000 followers, who added further insults and even identified some of the people in the photographs. The account was shut down but reemerged as a Facebook page. Some of the photos were allegedly of boys and girls as young as 13.

A rival Facebook page sprung up and encouraged people to go to the school in retaliation. They called for a protest outside of school, and some allege that it urged people to beat up the girl who ran the account.

Police were made aware of the situation and arrived at the school early in the morning, but large crowds still showed and the protest turned violent. The riot spread to a nearby shopping mall, and a total of 27 people were detained by police. Police said there was no reported property damage or injuries. Pretty tame for a riot.

instagramThe riot comes as it was revealed that Instagram, owned by Facebook, had updated its privacy policy and would now allow it to sell users’ photos without their knowledge.

Yet another thing we can blame Mark Zuckerberg for.

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