Top 10 Apple iOS Apps of 2012



2012 was a huge year for Apple and iOS. Not only did Apple reveal the iPhone 5, we saw not one, but two iPads, and even an iPad Mini. If you received a new iOS device during the holidays, here is the must-have list of apps released this year.

YouTube – 2012 was the year Apple removed Google from iOS. Since iOS 6 removed the outdated built-in YouTube app, Google launched its own, more updated and user-friendly YouTube app.

Google Maps – With iOS 6, Apple infamously removed Google Maps from its operating system, replacing it with the very unpopular Apple Maps. Luckily, the team at Google were hard at work developing their own Maps app, releasing it later in the year. Arguably, this app is even better than its Android counterpart.

Kahn Academy – 2012 marked the year education was disrupted by organizations such as Kahn Academy , providing memorable video-based classes and lessons.

Paper – If you like to doodle, sketch, or simply take notes, Paper gives you a gorgeous experience unparalleled by other note-taking apps.

Ghost Trick – Originally released for the Nintendo DS some time ago, Ghost Trick was given a second life on iOS. This Capcom game gives players a new and unique twist by combining great storytelling with puzzle-solving.

Google Drive – We’re not done with our love for Google iOS apps in 2012. With Google Drive, all of your documents uploaded to their cloud-based document service can be available in a native iOS app. Initially launched just for browsing files, Drive was updated later in the year to include editing and collaboration of documents and spreadsheets.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Everyone’s favorite   physics-based flinging is back, now with lightsabers and AT-ATs.

Jasmine – Not happy with the way Google designed its own YouTube app? Jasmine, created by the same developer that made the popular Reddit client, Alien Blue, presents a gorgeous and simplistic interface to browse and search for your favorite YouTube videos.

The Walking Dead –  Hailed by many as game of the year, iOS was one of the platforms Telltale launched the game with. Revolutionizing the point-and-click adventure, the iOS version of The Walking Dead mirrors the same great presentation, suspense, and storytelling as more powerful platforms.

LetterpressNo longer challenged with Words With Friends? Letterpress is the new game developed by the guy that brought you Tweetie. This new puzzle game adds a touch of strategy to the turn-based word game genre, and is presented with a beautiful minimalistic interface.