VIDEO: Shark Tank Explodes, Raining Glass, Sharks on Shanghai Shoppers

Ever wonder how safe those big fish tanks are that you see at malls?

Turns out, not very. Seems a week or so ago a giant shark tank at the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center exploded, sending tons of water, 10-inch-thick acrylic glass and worst of all, sharks, pouring out.

Shanghai Orient Shopping Center, shark tank, shark tank explosion, sharks
The 33-ton tank had housed three lemon sharks and all kinds of smaller fish and turtles, and people like the unlucky person in the above video often stopped to take photos. But that all changed when the tank blew out on Dec. 19. In the video, just released this week, mall cameras captured people being knocked off their feet. Nobody died or got bitten by a shark, but there were plenty of people who got deep cuts and bruises.

Police said they are investigating what could have caused the explosion, but some there is some speculation that a recent spell of cold weather in Shanghai may have been a factor, especially considering the aquarium was near the mall’s door.

A mall official said the tank probably won’t be rebuilt.

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