‘NO, NO, NO!’ 4 Dead in Colorado Murder-Suicide Shooting

weld county murder suicide

9 News photo.

Two males and two females are dead in an apparent murder-suicide in the Longview subdivision in Colorado’s Weld County.

9 News reports the incident occurred around 4 a.m. in the 11400 block of Hot Springs Drive, and a 911 dispatcher received a chilling call:

Police say a female caller got on the phone with 911 and reported where the address. At that point, the dispatcher told police they heard “No, no, no” and heard gunshots in the background of the call. Later, a man got on the phone and threatened to kill himself. The dispatcher then heard more gunshots.

The Denver Post reports the dead may include a child:

The bodies of three adults, and a female who may possibly be a juvenile, were found inside a home.

The Post reports cops found a handgun that had been “fired several times.”