Woman in Custody for Subway Murder

Police Sketch of the Subway Pusher

A woman is in custody for the murder Sunando Sen. Sen was pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City on Thursday night.

The woman’s name has not been released and she has not officially been charged yet (UPDATE: NYT reports she’s been charged with a hate crime). All we know is that she is 31-years-old and that she implicated herself in the crime during a police questioning. You can see a police sketch of the suspect above.

Sunando Sen

Reportedly, she had no interaction with Sen, seen above, before pushing him. She sat on a wood bench behind him, and then ran up behind and shoved him. Before he could react he was in the path of an oncoming train. Bystanders screamed and were in shock as the suspect ran off.

A grainy black and white video caught her out on the street following the attack. It’s hard to make out her features due to the quality of the video.

(h/t NYT)
Video of Subway Pusher

Sen is a 46-year-old Indian immigrant who lived in Elmhurst. He had recently saved up enough money to open a small copy business on the Upper West Side called New Amsterdam Copy that he had been working at seven days a week.
For more information please check: Erika Menendez, The Subway Pusher: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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