Woman Sues Ex for Trying to Force Feed Her an iPhone

Jame Gattung, iphone in mouth, lawsuit, New York

If Raphie can’t hold an iPhone in his mouth, then why did a New York guy think his girlfriend could?

An Apple a day does not keep the doctor away.

Just ask a New York woman about that. Jaime Gattung, 24, is suing her former boyfriend, Brian Anscomb, 38, after saying he shoved an iPhone down her throat while in a violent rage.

Gattung, who lives in New York’s Upper East Side, said the incident happened in 2011, but she just sued him on Friday.

The fight began at Anscomb’s apartment when Gattung wouldn’t give him the password to her iPhone.

Court papers say he pried open Gattung’s mouth and pushed the iPhone in, so hard that she got cuts in her throat. Anscomb, who is a patent lawyer, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and got three years of probation.

Gattung is seeking unspecified damages for the attack. Anscomb isn’t commenting, by phone or FaceTime.

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