2 Students Caught Banging on Camera at ‘Safer Sex Ball’

Exeter University is in all the headlines for all the wrong reasons this morning after footage of two students engaging in sexual acts was captured over CCTV and leaked on the Internet. Compounding the unintentional sex tape is the fact that it took place at a University function known as the Exeter Safer Sex Ball. Here’s an idea what that was supposed to entail:

The Ball is a charitable event meant to promote safe sex, and throw a kickass Euro douchebag style party. Two of the drunken, scantily clad teenagers were unable to contain their lust, and fell victim to their raging hormones. In the video, which has crept about the Internet, the two participants are seen rubbing against each other, probably explaining which Twilight film was the most arousing. Soon the capes and headbands come flying off and four minutes of steamy English amateur video ensues. After almost being discovered by a third party, the two lovers flee in opposite directions, which we can only speculate ended in two very separate walks of shame.

exeter sex ball

A Guild spokesperson as per the Daily Mail mentioned there could be criminal charges filed, as posting CCTV without permission could constitute a violation, not to mention the subjects of the video could face charges for having sex in a public place without funny hats on. No doubt the parents of the student body at the University of Exeter will be none too pleased to see a school event become a swingers’ party. It’s actually a miracle everyone at the place didn’t just start going at it.

exeter sex ball

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