4 Teens Busted Playing Video Games Near Murdered Bodies

joliet murder suspects

Clockwise, from top left: Adam Landerman, Alisa Massaro, Joshua Miner, and Bethany McKee

Two men were killed after being lured to the home of four teens, and after possibly trying to dismember the bodies, the culprits were found and arrested while playing video games just feet from the victims.

In a suburb of Joliet, Illinois, the bodies of Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins, both 22 years old, were discovered on Thursday after being strangled, the Chicago Tribune reports.

joliet murder victims

Victims Eric Glover, left, and Terrence Rankins

Adam Landerman, 19, Alisa Massaro, 18, Bethany McKee, 18, and Joshua Miner, 24, have all been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and all are being held on $10 million bond. Landerman is the son of a Joliet police sergeant.;;

CBS Chicago reports that police claim that the crime scene was so brutal that even long-time police officers were shocked by the grotesque nature of the murder scene.

Allegedly, Glover and Rankins were lured to the home of Alisa Massaro, then robbed and killed. After trying to dismember the bodies, the four suspects continued to party. The police were notified Thursday afternoon and found Landerman, Massaro, and Miner playing video games, all apparently surprised to have been caught. McKee had left by then, but was found quickly in a nearby town.

Friends of the victims gathered at the court house on Monday, the first court appearance for the suspects, and told CBS that they think the crimes were racially motivated, and also believe that the perpetrators were on drugs. Police have not responded to those claims, but have said that all four suspects have records, with Minor having a somewhat lengthy and violent criminal past.

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