‘Acrobat’ on Drugs Gets Electrocuted in Blazing Fireball after Climbing Tower

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A drugged-up man met his unfortunate end after scaling a towering electricity pylon to perform acrobatic stunts in Santiago, Chile. The man, named Miguel, performed his tricks while onlookers watched below until he died in a blazing fireball and came crashing to the ground.

The harrowing moment was caught on tape by an amateur cameraman watching the ordeal.

According to reports, locals of the Lo Prado area of the Chilean capital called police yesterday afternoon after seeing Miguel “playing around” on the electricity pylon. A crowd gathered and watched as Miguel swang back and forth above the live wires.

Chile Man Electrocuted

Local firefighters attempted to bring Miguel down from the pylon for 30 minutes, but to no avail. They placed an airbag at the foot of the pylon to catch him if he fell.

As Miguel continued his stunts, one of his legs touched the cables, causing an explosion that set fire to two nearby homes. The flames from the resulting explosion were put out, but 500 houses were left without electricity.

Neighbors said this wasn’t the first time Miguel attempted to perform his stunts on electricity pylons — and it wasn’t the first time he did it while high on drugs.

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