Sexual Assault in the Air Force is Totally Out of Control

Military Sex Scandal

Due to public outrage over a sex-with-recruits scandal that recently occurred at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the U.S. House Arms Services Committee held a public hearing on sexual assaults within the military.

General Mark Welsh, the U.S. Air Force chief of staff, spoke at the Wednesday hearing. “I will never stop attacking the problem,” he told the House Armed Services Committee.

The Associated Press stated that Welsh said the Air Force recorded a disturbing number of sexual assault reports in 2012. Preliminary figures show 796 reports of cases, ranging from inappropriate touching to rape.

Video footage of the Congressional hearing and testimonial accounts from the Air Force Generals can be seen below:

Tsongas questions Air Force Generals on military sexual assaultHouse Armed Services Committee hearing on Lackland Air Force Base, featuring testimony by General Rice and General Welsh.2013-01-23T17:57:43.000Z

The number of sexual assault cases in 2012 saw a nearly 30 percent increase from 2011, when 614 cases came to light. Welsh reasoned that the number of cases could grow in 2013, because many cases are never reported.

Welsh gave his opinion on these statistics during the Congressional hearing:

Calling these numbers unacceptable does not do the victims justice. The truth is, these numbers are appalling.

Welsh went on to state that most of the reported sexual assault offenses were committed by fellow airmen.

Fox News reported that a special unit has been created by the Air Force to assist victims of sexual assault.

According to the Air Force investigation into the Lackland sexual assault scandal, 32 military training instructors allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships with 59 recruits and airmen.

The official investigative review into the Lackland sexual assault case can be seen below:

C-Span reported that an Air Force staff sergeant has been charged with rape and several counts of aggravated sexual assault. The Air Force sergeant is scheduled to face a court-martial in July 2013.

Three other defendants are also set to face sexual misconduct and adultery charges.

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