Alleged iPod Thief Snaps Her Own Kissy-Faced Mugshot

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If you’re going to steal someone’s iPod, you might not want to take kissy-faced photos of yourself in your bathroom mirror.

Felecia Cooks, at 17, has learned that lesson the hard way. New York police arrested her Friday after tracking her down through photos she took of herself on an iPod that was stolen from another teen at a Bronx bus stop.

Police say Cooks and two other girls jumped the iPod’s owner, yet another teenaged girl, while she was waiting at a bus stop in the Bronx. The young victim said one of the thieves grabbed her from behind, while another scratched her face and snatched her handbag.

The victim logged onto her Apple account and found that one of the assailants had taken some of those annoying kissy-faced photos in front of a mirror. Too bad for her she didn’t realize that when you do that on an Apple device, the images go to the owner’s Apple account.

Cooks got tracked down and arrested after the iPod’s owner turned over the photos to the police, who released them to the New York media.

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