Amy Winehouse Died Watching YouTube Videos of Herself & Pounding Vodka

amy winehouse dead

Amy Winehouse passed away in July of 2011, but her cause of death has remained shrouded in mystery, or at least ambiguity since the original coroner was deemed unqualified.

A second inquest was performed by Dr Shirley Radcliffe, in which case the previous ruling of misadventure was upheld, according to a hearing held today. What does that mean exactly? She died from an accidental alcohol poisoning.

Her final night was spent with bodyguard Andrew Morris, watching Youtube videos of herself while drinking large amounts of vodka. Morris said the two had a “brother-sister relationship”, and had been living together in the Camden Square home where she was found dead. He also claims to have heard Winehouse laughing at the videos as late as 4am, where tests show she finally passed out at nearly five times the legal driving limit. The next morning Morris found her slumped over in bed, but believing she was just asleep, did not intervene. It would not be until 3:30 that afternoon when he discovered she was no longer breathing. Two empty bottles were found at the scene.

amy winehouse memorial

Winehouse’s personal doctor, Christina Romete, who had helped her struggle through alcoholism, drug addiction, and bulimia, had seen her the day before her death. As per the Daily Mail, Romete stated “In the course of the last consultation, Amy did not appear to be depressed at any stage, she specifically said she did not want to die.”

It’s believed that the singer had been abstaining from alcohol for about two weeks before she relapsed in the days leading up to her tragic destruction. She had been drinking for two or three days when she apparently pushed the limits too far.

This ends a painful chapter for the singer’s family, who chose not to attend the hearing. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, said that the initial hearing had been so botched, that an additional inquest was necessary.

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