Brooklyn Net Paid for Suite Where Alleged Rape Occurred & Had Pics on His Phone

andray blatche rape case

Brooklyn Nets forward Andray Blatche paid for the hotel suite in which a 21-year-old woman was allegedly raped this morning after Blatche and his buddies picked her up at a strip club — and there are “compromising” photos on his phone, according to Action News.

Earlier we reported that Blatche was questioned and released by investigators and was good to go for tonight’s game versus the 76ers in Philadelphia.

But while he’s not implicated in the alleged crime, new details put Blatche at the center of the scandal, despite police statements clearing his name and his earlier (now-removed) tweet that played down his involvement:

Im ok and I didn’t do anything jus was n the area when it happened

andray blatche rape scandal

Sources say the alleged victim met Blatche at Delilah’s gentlemen’s club.

Action News reports that Blatche, 26, met the alleged victim at Delilah’s gentlemen’s clup on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia, and she and two other women came back to the Four Seasons hotel, where the Nets were staying.

Cops responded around 3:30 a.m. and found the alleged victim, highly intoxicated, alleging she was raped as other men present did nothing to stop it.

According to Action News:

Sources say the Nets player told police while he was in the hotel suite, he was not in the same room where the sex was taking place.

andray blatche rape scandal

The Four Seasons in Center City, Philadelphia.

According to the New York Times:

[Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said] Blatche was among a group of three men and three women who were together inside a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Center City. One of the women, 21, whom Ramsey described as highly intoxicated, told the police that she had nonconsensual sex with one of the men and consensual sex with another man. The woman was taken from the hotel to a hospital about 4 a.m.

Two men were taken into custody, reports Action News, while Blatche was released — but police confiscated Blatche’s phone, which reportedly contains “compromising” photos of the alleged victim.

Cops also reportedly discovered evidence of a date rape drug, and detectives were seen leaving the hotel with bags of evidence.

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