Angus T. Jones Coming Back to New Cougar Girlfriend Jaime Pressly

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Angus T. Jones isn’t only staying on the “filthy” show Two and a Half Men he urged people to stop watching just two months ago, but he’ll get himself a cougar girlfriend in the upcoming episodes.

Angus T. Jones, Jaime Pressly, television, sitcoms, CBS, Two and A Half Men, CougarGuess when you’re getting paid $350,000 an episode, you can swallow a lot of dirt — and really, who can blame him. Besides, that whole tirade was probably suspicious anyway — after all, he’s been Skype-ing in his character’s one-liners from the Army this season. (And doesn’t it make you worry about the nation’s defense if they’re taking doofuses like Jake?)

Anyway, a bit of pouting apparently worked because he’s not only returning to the set, but he’s got a storyline that’s sure to put the “f” in filth. Seems that funny lady Jame Pressly is coming on the show, and we’re guessing this means Jones/Jake won’t be a half man anymore!

Pressly, who won Emmy awards for her role in My Name is Earl, is playing his “cougar” girlfriend in a guest-starring and possibly recurring role. She’s apparently come to town from the outer limits of South Dakota, so she’ll bring that country sass of hers to the Malibu beach. Pressly is hysterically funny, so maybe she’ll breathe some life back into the show, which has been bleeding viewers since Charlie Sheen took off to enjoy the party lifestyle and Ashton Kutcher took his place on the couch.

Miley Cyrus was pretty funny as a love interest for Jake, too, so maybe if they keep bringing in some funny, attractive women, Jones won’t have as much to whine about the show’s quality or his lame story lines.

Just less than two months ago, Jones released a controversial religious testimonial, blasting “Men” as “Filth” and urging people to stop watching it. But there’s really no hard feelings between Jones, who grew up on the show, and executive producer Chuck Lorre.

At the People’s Choice Awards last week, Lorre confirmed Jones is coming back and said the controversy has all been forgiven.

“He’s part of our show. He’s part of our family. We love him. He’s 19, man. Cut him some slack. I can’t really disagree with him — the show’s kind of filthy. What he said wasn’t wrong. We hope it’s funny, as well.

Pressly has also starred in the Fox comedy series I Hate My Teenage Daughter and re-united with Ear creator Greg Garcia on his latest Fox show Raising Hope.

And CBS wants Jones back, too. Saturday, CBS said it’s looking to bring the show back for an 11th season, even though Kutcher hasn’t signed back on yet.

Men’s the longest-running sitcom on TV, and CBS and Warner Bros. are both interested, so the show will likely return. Charlie Sheen, though, will stay dead — he’s just signed on for a 90-show run on Anger Management.

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