Cancer Victim, 23, is Frozen in Time after Fundraising for Cryonics

Kim Suozzi, a 23-year-old neuroscience student battling a terminal case of brain cancer, got her dying wish and was cryonically preserved after her death on January 17.

kim suozzi

Before her death, she wrote the following on her blog: “I want to be cryopreserved upon my death. Many of you know that I’m agnostic; I don’t have any clue what happens when you die, but have no reason to think that my consciousness will continue on after death. The only thing that I can think to make me feel a little more at ease with my death is to secure cryopreservation plans on the off-chance that they figure out how to revive people in the future.”

Those procedures cost between $30,000 and $80,000. According to io9, between her own fundraising efforts on Reddit, a charitable fund set up by Society for Venturism, and donations received by The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, enough money was raised for Suozzi to be cryonically preserved at the Alcor facility.

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