Topless & Drug-Related Tweets Get High School Teacher in Trouble

CarlyCrunkBear Twitter

A teacher at Overland High School in Cherry Creek, Colorado, is being questioned by the school district on her half-naked and drug-related tweets found on her account. Carly McKinney, a 23-year-old math teacher, told the district officials that she did make a Twitter account with a friend that was filled with provocative photos of herself and comments about her using marijuana.

Fox31 Denver reported that a viewer tipped off officials about the Twitter page and they are now questioning whether McKinney violated school policies.

McKinney’s alleged Twitter account @crunk_bear had a post of her saying that she was high while grading term papers. Another post had a tweet about using marijuana on school grounds, saying, “Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.”

Most of the photos posted showed a woman drinking what may appear to be an alcoholic beverage and smoking what probably is weed. There were also topless photos of her found on the account.

Carly and her friend told NBC9 that the Twitter account was meant to be a joke. She also told them that she wasn’t aware of some of the posts her friend was making, and she claimed that she never brought drugs on school property.

Cherry Creek school officials would be speaking with Carly Tuesday morning to see if she will be allowed to teach at the school while the investigation is taking place. They are also questioning whether she had drugs on school grounds.

The school district advises teachers not to post anything on the Internet that wouldn’t be found on a chalkboard. However, these policies also contradict First Amendment rights of free speech even on social media sites.

The account was deleted soon after its discovery.

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