CES 2013: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Next week begins the annual Consumer Electronics Show, known by most as simply CES 2013. Thousands of people will be packed into a Las Vegas convention center to have a glimpse of the future of consumer electronics, including home entertainment, computing, gaming, mobile, and much much more. Here are 10 facts about CES that you have to know.


1. The First CES Conference Was Held In New York City From June 24th-28th, 1967

The first CES conference was held in New York City and it had 100 exhibitors and over 17,500 visitors. This years CES will be from January 8th – 11th, 2013 and is expecting 150,000 attendees.


2. What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!

CES changed to a once a year format with Las Vegas as the location in 1998! CES turned out to be one of the largest shows. CES can take up to over 18 days to set up, run and break down. Before that, CES was held twice a year, once in January and in once  June. CES has now settled to one show in Las Vegas each winter.


3. CES Is Not Open To The Public

To be eligible to attend CES you must be in the consumer electronics industry. CES is not open to the general public.


4. There Have Been Many Notable Technologies And Products Introduced Through CES.

Many notable technologies and products that have been introduced through CES including the VCR, camcorder, Amiga computer, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Radio Data System, DVD, OLED TV, HDTV and more.


5. Keynote Speakers Are Leading Company Executives

CES 2008: Bill Gates' last day at Microsoft (keynote speech)Bill Gates and friends in a skit from his 2008 CES Keynotes speech (apologies for the low sound quality – big room, small camera!)2008-01-07T07:12:50.000Z

Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation) announced his retirement at CES 2008.  CES announced that Kazuhiro Tsuga (President of Panasonic)  will deliver the CES 2013 opening keynote speech.


6.  CES Attendees Love Their Coffee! 

In 2011 there were over  14,681 cups of coffee sold. In 2012 there were 17,135 cups of coffee sold.


7. Intel & Sony May Launch Their New Internet TV 

It’s been long-rumored that both Intel and Sony will reveal their “cable-killing” new Internet TV subscription models.


8. New 1080p Phones Will Be Revealed

There have been talks about the new flagship phone from LG, the Optimus G2, will have its debut at CES 2013. Other mobile debuts include the HTC M7, the Sony Xperia Z/ZL and  ZTE Z7.


9.  There Will Be 4K TV 

According to CNet, both Westinghouse and TCL said they will be debuting a 110-inch 4K TV at the show, it will be the “world’s largest” 4K TV.” LG and Sony will showcase their own 84-inch 4K TV’s.


10. Samsung Will Showcase How Evolution Kit Will Work For Smart TV 

Samsung’s Evolution Kit was introduced at CES 2012. The Evolution Kit is Samsung’s Smart TV add-on that allows older Smart TVs to to run on newer standards. This year at CES, Samsung will be showing  how the Evolution Kit will work while being attached to your TV.


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