Filmmaker Cited by Police for Riding Camel at Sundance Film Festival

Jason Andreozzi was cited for riding a camel and obstruction of traffic in Park City, Utah.

A filmmaker was cited by police for riding a camel and obstructing traffic during the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah over the weekend.

Jason Andreozzi was promoting his movie Egypt Through the Glass Shop, which looks at Egypt during the Arab Spring and chose to ride the camel because people generally identify the animal with the country. The kicker? His film didn’t even make the cut to be shown at the festival.

Police issued Andreozzi a citation for obstructing traffic as well as given a warning for passing out fliers, but the filmmaker says he wasn’t guilty of either offenses.

“Really the only obstruction of traffic was when the police officers showed up in their vehicles to block traffic and cite me for having a camel,” Andreozzi said.

Andreozzi and his camel were escorted off of Main Street thereafter. He said that in hindsight, he probably should have gone skiing instead.

The Sundance Film Festival began last Thursday and runs through January 27.

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