5 People Accidentally Shot at Gun Shows on Gun Appreciation Day

Gun Appreciation Day

Gun activists had decided to declare today, 1/19/2013, Gun Appreciation Day. A day to go to shooting ranges, gun stores, gun shows, etc., and declare their love of guns (but really tell the government to not take away their guns). It has been a colossal disaster.

In some ways it was doomed from the start. For example, they picked today. Saturday. January 19. The weekend before Martin Luther King Day.

In case you don’t understand why that’s a bad thing, let’s just say it might be considered slightly racially insensitive considering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed with a gun.

Another reason that’s a bad thing is that it plays to certain gun activists’ worst impulses, such as linking the fight over gun control to the Civil Rights Movement. That is a bad idea. And it’s something gun activists have been doing all over the TV lately.

Your struggle to be able to have a 30-round magazine is not the equivalent of an entire race of people struggling to be recognized as citizens by their own government. Comparing the two doesn’t make you sympathetic, it makes you look out of touch and kinda racist. Especially considering a large number of the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement were killed with guns.

But none of that could stop gun nuts from celebrating their day. And then things went really wrong.

First, you have situations like this guy scaring the bejeezus out of everyone at a JC Penny:

JC Penny Gun Appreciation Day

Ah, so that’s why you need an AR 15. Of course, I know I feel like an idiot when I go out to buy a nice pair of slacks and realize I left my rifle at home. You would not believe the egg on my face.

Personally, I’ve always found the best way to win an argument in American politics is by frightening middle class women and children. Works every time.

But that wouldn’t be so bad if weren’t for the fact that FIVE PEOPLE WERE ACCIDENTALLY INJURED AT THREE DIFFERENT GUN SHOWS today. Way to show that the thing you’re fighting for is totally safe and not dangerous at all as long as its in the right hands.

Three people were injured at The Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina. At a check point a man was asked to remove his 12-gauge shotgun when it accidentally discharged, hitting him in the hand, a woman in the side, and a third victim yet to be identified.

At a completely unrelated gun show (the Medina County Gun Show in Medina, Ohio) a man was shot and brought to the hospital.

At a third and distinct gun show (the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show in Indianapolis, Indiana) a man accidentally shot himself in the hand while loading his gun.

Expertly pulled off. And that doesn’t even count all the people who were probably shot on purpose throughout America! Well done, Gun Appreciation Day!

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