Vegas Cop Kills Family & Torches House: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Hans Walters Homicide

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer reportedly murdered his wife and son at their home in Boulder City, Nevada, on Monday, then set his home ablaze and committed suicide.

The home where the double homicide, suicide and arson took place belonged to Lt. Hans P. Walters, and it is believed Walters is the man behind these heinous acts. But cops are holding off on blaming one of their own, and one neighbor’s story implies Walter professed his innocence in his final moments.

Here’s what you should know about Walters and this shocking tragedy.

1. He Called 911 and Told Them He Killed His Family

Walters 911

It was reported by investigating agency Henderson PD that a police officer, who was noted as being 52 years old, called 911 and said he had killed his wife and son. He went on to warn 911 personnel that he was going to burn his house down and and kill anyone who tried to stop him.

2. He Had A Standoff With Police Officers

Walters Las Vegas Police

Once Boulder City SWAT and police officers arrived at the driveway of the residence, they proceeded to command the officer to put down his weapon. The officer declined their commands and instead ran back into the home, which was already on fire. The Associated Press stated that no shots were fired by police, SWAT officers or the officer behind these crimes.

3. He Seemed Normal on the Weekend Before the Murders
A Las Vegas police officer who asked to be anonymous spoke to the Las Vegas Review Journal about Hans P. Walters, the officer reportedly behind these crimes. He noted that Walters seemed fine on the weekend before the murders took place:

He didn’t seem out of the ordinary at all. Cops are pretty intuitive. They can tell when something’s wrong with someone. He seemed totally fine. You just wonder how and why this could happen.

4. Someone Was Overheard Saying “I Didn’t Do This!’ noted that a bystander at the scene of the crime may have heard the man behind the crime tell police that “I didn’t do this.” The bystander was identified as Patrick Brewer, who said he he wasn’t sure who made statement. The fact that someone overheard the murderer telling police he wasn’t their man makes the case even more complex. The Examiner website wrote about Las Vegas Metro Sheriff Doug C. Gillespie’s stance toward the media’s involvement:

That’s why the sheriff is trying to keep the media and the public from jumping the gun in the Boulder City crime death as they did during the Newtown shooting. Back then Ryan Lanza was named publicly in print and on television incorrectly as the shooter. And he paid dearly for it. So did the media, which lost credibility with the public.

5. The Bodies Are Still Being Identified

Walters Murder Home

After the police officers entered the burned home, they discovered three bodies in the rubble. Police officially declined to identify the victims’ bodies. The identities of each victim will be released by the coroner in the coming days.

6. The Home Belongs to Hans P. Walters

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The residence where this incident took place belongs to Hans P. Walters, a police veteran who was also a lieutenant. According to Clark County assessor records, the Walters residence is located at 1313 Esther Drive in Boulder City, Nevada.

7. Walters Worked as a Police Officer for 20 Years

Walters Las Vegas Officer

Lt. Walters was a 20-year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He was hired by the department in 1991.

8. Walters’ Former Partner is Shocked

Walters Randy Sutton

Walters once worked on patrol alongside Randy Sutton, a retired Metro police field lieutenant. Sutton spoke about his former co-officer, nothing that he was a hard working officer:

What he did is the most unconscionable, dishonorable thing to do I can ever imagine. There’s no rhyme or reason for taking the actions he did. So the memories I have of him, they mean nothing to me anymore.

9. Walters’ Wife Was a Decorated Police Officer
The 46-year-old wife of Hans Walters, Kathryn Walters, was once a Las Vegas Police officer. CNN listed her awards. In 1999, she was the recipient of a public service award. And in 2004, she received a lifesaving award. Her tenure as a Las Vegas officer ended in 2005 once she left her position.

10. Walters’ Neighbors Didn’t Even Know He Had a Son

Walters Neighbors

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Walters’ neighbors labeled him as a very private man. These same neighbors were noted for saying that they didn’t know that he had a son:

Neighbor after neighbor told the same story: Gunshots weren’t heard; the family was reclusive, so much so that several neighbors didn’t know a child lived in the house.

Police officials believe the boy was about 7 years old.