House Fire Kills Four Children—Including One Infant—Outside of ATL

Four children, including one infant, are left dead after a house fire swallowed up a duplex outside of Atlanta in Conyers, Ga. on Tuesday night.

A house fire kills four children in this duplex outside of Atlanta in Conyers, Ga.

Seven people were in the property when the fire erupted: a grandmother, mother and five children. The children range in ages from the infant to seven years old. The fifth child, who is six years old, was thrown out of a second-floor window by his mother and survived.

“It saved his life,” Glenn Allen, a spokesman for Georgia’s fire commissioner said of the mother’s actions.

The mother was taken two Grady Memorial Hospital where she suffers from second and third-degree burns.

The family was living in the two-story duplex, while the other unit remained vacant. There is currently no reported cause of the fire, but investigators plan on entering the building first thing on Wednesday.

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