iPhone 6: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Although the iPhone 5 just hit store shelves, developers say they’ve seen evidence of the next generation model already. We’re not sure if the iPhone 6 will be coming out this year, or if a minor improvement to the iPhone 5 will be released.  Traditionally, models come out with an “S” model to indicate minor improvements. For example the iPhone 3S came out a year after the iPhone 3. Or the iPhone 4S came out a year after the iPhone 4. Will this be the year of the “iPhone 5S” or the “iPhone 6?”


1. The New Display Will Have 1080P HD 

(Here is a fan made concept photo of the upcoming iPhone 6)

The new iPhone will have a “Super HD” screen display and camera. Speculators claim it will be beyond the Full 1080P HD displays in HTC Droid DNA.  There may also be a 1.2 to 1.5X increase in resolution.

2. Apple Will Be Adding NFC (Near Field Communication) 


Samsung crushed Apple in Q3 2012 with sales of The Galaxy S3, partly due to their marketing of NFC capability. Rumors are spreading about Apple adding NFC to the next iPhone, and possible integration with Passbook. This would be a huge win for both Apple and retailers.


3.  The iPhone 6 Will Be Better Integrated With MaxOSX 

Users should be able to access and use control more functions on their iPhones wirelessly through their Mac OS X devices and vice versa.


4. Touch On Display Will Improve Touch Sensitivity 

Touch On Displays will be 0.5mm thin and will offer a superior sensitivity compared to the current iPhone 5 displays.


5. iPhone 6 Will Have More Storage Than iPhone 5

Although most people think having 64GB is enough space,  some people are looking to get 128GB with the iPhone.


6. A New A7 Quad-Core Processor Will Make The iPhone Faster

The most interesting rumor yet is that the iPhone 6  will have a new A7 quad-core processor variant, Retina+ IGZO screen ( This will make the iPhone display much thinner, brighter and much clearer), and a new form factor with no home button. Full gesture control might also be included.


7. We Can Expect A Variety Of Colors 

Brian White at Topeka Capitol reports says, “Apple is preparing a new iPhone in multiple colors and sizes.” White thinks Apple will make the next iPhone more colorful, and similar to what it’s done with the iPod Touch, which is available in a wide variety of colors.


8. You May Be Able To Type With Keys Again 

It was rumored before Apple released the iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 that they may come with a slide-out keyboard. Obviously, a slide-out keyboard hasn’t been built in yet. Could this rumor of a slide-out keyboard become a reality with an iPhone?


9.  It Will Be Harder To Scratch Your iPhone 

For years, Apple has used Gorilla Glass on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. This year, Gorilla Glass 3 will be introduced, and it’s only fitting if Apple added it to the next iPhone’s display.
According to Engadget, “Gorilla Glass 3 will have 40 percent reduction in the number of visible scratches and 50 percent boost in retained strength after the glass becomes flawed.”


10. You May Not Have To Wait So Long To Get One

 Apple will probably release the iPhone 6 mid 2013  in order to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4.

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