Lindsay Lohan’s FIRED Lawyer Saves Her Ass Again

lindsay lohan crying

Lindsay Lohan‘s legal trouble continues, but somehow she avoids jail time yet again. Her lawyer, Shawn Holley, comes to her rescue by pleading “not guilty” on her behalf today, since Lindsay couldn’t be bothered to appear in court herself. Holley fulfilled her legal responsibilities, even though she received a letter yesterday from Lohan firing her, TMZ reports.

LiLo has since hired a new lawyer in New York, Mark Heller. But, obviously, Mark Heller did not appear in court today, and even if he did, he couldn’t speak on her behalf because he has yet to go before a California judge, a procedure he must do since he is not licensed to practice law in California. Heller was also suspended from practicing law for 5 years back in the 90s, so he’s probably a good choice.

Had Holley not entered a plea on Lindsay’s behalf, a bench warrant for her arrest would have likely been issued. So Shawn Holley, the miracle worker who somehow has routinely kept Lindsay out of jail for the cavalcade of crimes she’s committed, saves Lilo’s ass yet again, but Lohan thought it best to fire her. Lindsay Lohan, you are very wise.

shawn holley and lindsay lohan

Miracle Worker Shawn Holley and American Treasure Lindsay Lohan

In fact, TMZ also reports that Holley had been on her way to strike a deal with the prosecutor for Lindsay to avoid jail time for lying to the police after her car crash in June provided she checks into a “lockdown rehab” for 6 months when she got word that Lohan was firing her. This could have also kept her out of jail for her probation violation in her jewelry theft case by lying to the cops after the crash.

But Lindsay is backpedaling now, saying she never intended to fire Holley, especially right before a scheduled court appearance. Too bad she signed the termination letter sent by her new lawyer, although now she’s instructed him to send another letter canceling the first letter.

A pretrial date has been set for January 30th and Lindsay has been ordered to appear. $5 says she doesn’t show. Actually, make it $500.

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