Male Nurse Arrested for Making Sweet Love with a Corpse

razo necrophilia

Are there no cemeteries where this guy lives?

Alejandro Razo, 61, was charged for “allegedly committing a sex act on a female corpse,” reports.

Police officers were called to Sherman Oaks Hospital in California on Sunday night where security guards were holding the suspect. The man was arrested on a state Health and Safety Code violation because the body was deceased.

Having sex with dead bodies wasn’t even against the law in California until 2004, when Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger took a stand and signed a bill that barred necrophilia in the state, according to The New York Times. Such a legacy he left behind.

Razo has posted his $20,000 bail. If he is found guilty, he could face up to three years in prison. A neighbor of Razo’s told that he “is a quiet man with a wife and two children.”

Put some effort into it and dig up a dead body. Honestly.