Man Charged in ‘Sextortion’ Case Blackmailed 350 Women to Strip Naked

Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, Sextortion

Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, a 27-year-old Glendale, California, man, has been charged in a so-called sextortion case that involved him hacking into the social media accounts of more than 350 women and extorting them to strip naked via Skype so he could take naked pictures of them.

Kazaryan allegedly hacked into his victims’ Facebook, Skype and e-mail accounts and changed their passwords, locking them out of their own accounts. He would then search the victims’ files for naked photographs and save them to his computer. The alleged pervert would also pose as his victims to their friends and persuade them to strip naked so he could get their pictures as well. When victims would become suspicious that they were not talking to a friend, Kazaryan would blackmail them with the photos he found in their accounts. And when victims failed to comply with his demands, the man went as far as posting their naked photos to their Facebook pages.

More than 350 women were extorted in Kazaryan’s scheme, and over 3,000 nude or partially nude photographs of women were reportedly found on his computer.

Kazaryan faces up to 105 years in prison if he is convicted.

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