Bodies of Missing Mexican Band Members Found in Nuevo Leon Well

Kombo Kolombia, Kombo Kolombia Band Missing

A total of 12 bodies have been found inside of a Nuevo Leon well in Northern Mexico, four of which were of the missing musicians in the Mexican band Kombo Kolombia.

La Carreta, Kombo Kolombia, Mexian Band Missing

The band performed at La Carreta on the night of their disappearance.

Twenty members of the band were kidnapped following a performance in the city of Hidalgo last Thursday. One of the band members managed to escape from the kidnappers and led police to the well where they found the bodies.

The armed kidnappers reportedly asked the band members if they belonged to an organized crime gang and were shot when they refused to answer. Forensic investigators said that the bodies showed signs of torture and that there may be more in the well that they have yet to discover.

Investigators were searching for two days before they discovered the well along a dirt road in the town of Mina, about 140 miles from Laredo, Texas. Locals told authorities that they heard gunshots around 4 a.m. Friday before the sound of vehicles speeding away.

Kombo Kolombia was performing at a private party at a ranch called La Carreta, or The Wangon, on the night of their disappearance. The band plays a Colombian style of music known as vallenato.

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