Oprah on Lance Armstrong Interview: ‘He Came READY’

Hmmm…”He came ready” for the interview, does she mean in the same sense that Lance “came ready” for the Tour De France?

Oprah’s interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is scheduled to air on Thursday, and she shared the above tidbit on Twitter today, immediately after completing her session with the hero-turned-fraud.

You have to wonder how much of the 2 1/2 hours of footage will make air. I suppose that’s one of the pluses of having your own network.

Oprah Winfrey Interview, O Network, Lance Armstrong Doping, Lance Armstrong, Tour De France, Livestrong.

Prior to the interview Armstrong apologized for the staff of his Livestrong cancer charity.

Meanwhile there are further revelations that Armstrong and his cronies may pay back some of the tax dollars they were given while his team was sponsored by the U.S. Post Office.

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