Top 10 Android Apps of 2012


Being the dominant mobile platform in the market, 2012 proved to be an unforgettable year for Android. In only one year, we saw two versions of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 and 4.2), the incredibly low-priced 7-inch Nexus 7, the new flagship Google phone Nexus 4, and the new 10-inch Nexus 10. Device manufacturers saw massive successes with handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X, Droid Razr Maxx HD. Here are our top Android apps for 2012.


1. Swiftkey 3 – Swipe Your Next Email Or Text Message

Developed by TouchType Ltd., Swiftkey 3 is able to understand not just patterns in your typing, but also how words work together. Swiftkey can continue to learn from SMS, your email and even social media accounts (if enabled), so it gets better at making predictions as you type. TouchType Ltd., is offering a 1 month free trial and then you can download the app for $1.99.


2. Pocket – Quick And Easy Reading List

Ever come across an article that you wanted to read but you just didn’t have the time right then and there? Pocket lets you save articles and other content on the web. This way you can read it later!


3. Evernote – The Best Way To Organize Your Notes

If you are looking to be more organized in 2013, Evernote is a great app that lets its users organize, find and capture information across multiple platforms. Major updates to Evernote in 2012  included one-tap icons for creating a new note, snapshot, recording, or attachment, along with extended access to other major features.


4. Foursquare – Become The Mayor Of Every Place You Visit

Foursquare completely redesigned their UI in 2012, making it easier to discover new venues, locations, tips, and badges.


5. BaconReader For Reddit – The Best Way To Browse Reddit On Android

If you go on Reddit constantly then you will want to download this app. Keep in mind while downloading this app its not made by Reddit themselves. Some of the features include subreddit grouping, domain and keyword filtering, direct picture uploading, etc.


6. Google Now – Get The Information You Need To Know Immediately

This revolutionary extension to Google’s official Search app tells you how the weather is before you start your day, how much traffic you should expect before you are on your way to work, when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform, or what your favorite sport team’s score is while they’re playing.


7. –  Be The Star DJ In Your Own Music Community

Ever wanted to become a “DJ?” This app lets you be the center of attention! You can create rooms and be the “DJ.” You can choose songs to be played in front of everyone in your room.


8. Angry Birds Star Wars – May The Birds Be With You

Everyone’s favorite physics-based flinging is back, now with lightsabers and AT-ATs.


9. Jetpack Joyride – A Free Running Game Like No Other

Originally released for iOS last year, Jetpack Joy Ride has become one of the better games on Android. Leaps and bounds better than your average free-runner, you will play as Barry Steakfries who swipes a top-secret machine gun-powered jetpack from a laboratory only to be met by thousands of obstacles. Your goal is to collect coins and get as far as you can before dying.

10. PixLR Express – Edit Your Photos In So Many Ways For Free

Your go-to photo editor for Android! In this photo editing app you will find over  600 effects and tweaks  that are easy to use and work well!