Shooting at St. Louis Biz School: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

st. louis school college shooting

A shooting at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts (SIBA) in St. Louis has injured at least two people, including the 21-year-old gunman. The shooting occurred at about 2 p.m. Central Time.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. The Gunman is a Student of the School

The front entrance to Stevens Institute of Technology.

SIBA is a four-year college that specializes in qualifications such as business admin, interior design, fashion, and retail management. Fox2Now reports:

The student was well-known by the faculty. He was a long time student at the school.

He is believed to have been attending the school on a part-time basis for two years.

2. The Gunman Shot Himself

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Reporters on the ground at the scene are reporting that two stretchers have been carried out of the building. One was believed to be the victim, the other the assailant.

3. The Victim, a “Financial Advisor,” Has Been Identified as Greg Elsenrath

Courtesy of David Carson at St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The victim is reported by CBS to be a “white male in his 40s.” KSDK reported sources named the victim as Greg Elsenrath. Mr. Elsenrath has an address in Winfield, Missouri and is a graduate of Missouri Valley College.

4. The Shooting Was Targeted

Rather than a random attack, this appears to have been a targeted attack on Elsenrath. The shooter is believed to have gone to the fourth floor to shoot his victim. KDSK reports the attack was allegedly motivated over a disagreement regarding financial aid.

5. The Gunman Might Not Make It
The shooter was found in the stairwell between the third and fourth floors of the of the five-story building. His condition is reported to be “grave.”

6. The Gunman is in Custody

The shooter is reported to be in police custody, which means that he so-far has survived his self-inflicted wound.

7. He is Believed to Have Acted Alone
SWAT teams swept the building, but local reports say that police have no reason to believe there are accomplices.

8. The Victim and Shooter Were Taken to Separate Hospitals
From local Fox2Now:

One of them has been taken to Barnes Jewish hospital. Another has been taken to St. Louis University hospital.

9. Staff and Students Barricaded Themselves in Rooms
As police entered the building, many of the faculty along with their students were in classrooms. Witnesses described a “tense situation” as cops discovered the shooter.

10. SIBA Has 182 Students

school shooting st. louis

At the relatively small college, it’s likely many in the student body are familiar with on another.