Steubenville Schools on Lockdown: Shooting Threat as City Reels amid Rape Case

Steubenville, Ohio — the city embroiled in a high-profile rape case allegedly involving two football players at a party — has placed all local schools on lockdown this morning after a shooting threat made on social media.

School Superintendent Mike McVey tells WTOV that “because of all the attention the district is receiving, there will be a guard stationed at each building until further notice.”

Steubenville is reeling from shocking rape allegations against two boys accused of victimizing an impaired girl while others did nothing — and one boy at the party even made a video mocking the victim.

The hacker group Anonymous released the video and has taken up the cause of the victim.

Local officials this week created a facts website “to disseminate the most accurate information about a recent case involving sexual assault charges pending against two juveniles in Steubenville ….”

Witnesses slated to testify on behalf of the accused have received threats, prompting their attorneys to consider petitioning for a venue change.

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