BREAKING: Gas Blast Flattens Home; Leak Was Supposedly ‘Under Control’

lewisville texas explosion gas

A massive explosion flattened a suburban Dallas home after construction crews hit a gas line — and officials assured reporters there was no need for evacuation.

Helicopter camera footage from the 500 Block of East Main Street in Lewisville, Texas, showed total devastation as fire crews hosed down the last embers of the leveled building, located behind a church.

texas gas explosion lewisville dallas

Via DSF Scanner.

NBCDFW reports that a gas leak was reported hours prior to the blast, but “Emergency crews at that time told NBC 5 they had the issue under control and no evacuations were necessary.”

CBS DFW reports at least one civilian — believed to be inside the house — and several firefighters were injured. The civilian, a man, is in critical condition.

The powerful blast shattered windows in neighboring homes and was reportedly felt up to a mile away.

lewisville texas gas explosion

Via @OmarVillafranca

A crew from Atmos Energy was reportedly working next door, digging to repair the gas leak, when the explosion occurred.

Coincidentally, an Atmos crew was working near the scene of another major gas fire in August, this one in McKinney City, Texas, about 25 miles from Lewisville.

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