Top 10 Biggest Sports Hoaxes in History

Manti Te’o is a fantastic athlete. He is a standout linebacker and a dominant force on the gridiron. He also is a huge fraud. We have all read the story of how Manti made up a girlfriend that he claimed died of cancer right before a game with U of Michigan this past year and we all know his terrible attempt at trying to cover up the story.

So the question is, exactly where does Manti fall in the history books next to other sports frauds? Let’s let you decide! Here are sports’ other top phonies throughout the history of competitive play:

1. Lance Armstrong

Armstrong will be making his Oprah premier tonight and is expected to drop bombs on OWN’s viewership. The “cycling superstar” (in quotes because let’s be honest, “cycling superstar” is an oxymoron) has already had all of his medals removed by the IOC under charges of blood doping, and he’s lost his seven Tour de France titles, although he has never officially admitted to actually taking steroids. Tonight he will go on Oprah to make his first public opinion since the accusation and medal strippin’. Lance is the most decorated cyclist in history; his fall from biking grace is a huge blow to fans of the sport … all five of them.

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