Tulsa Apartment Shooting Leaves 4 Women Dead; Toddler Found at Scene

Tulsa World reported that four women were found dead Monday at Fairmont Terrace due to gunshot wounds. Police wouldn’t give any details on the victims to the Associated Press on their relation to each other.

This morning, KRMG News Talk Radio reported that the police had finally identified the four female victims. Their names are 23-year-old Rebeika Powell, 23-year-old Kayetie Melchor, 33-year-old Misty Nunley and 55-year-old Julie Jackson.

A Tweet that recently surfaced identified Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor as twins.

Tulsa Shooting

The four dead bodies were found located at a Tulsa apartment location near 61st Street and Peoria Avenue. A 4-year-old boy was found uninjured in the apartment by police and was taken into protective custody. The child was believed to be inside the apartment at the time of the murder, police said.

Police and EMSA were called to the gruesome scene at approximately 12:36 p.m. once a friend of the four young women came across the bodies and the 4-year-old child. Kelli Bruer, spokeswoman for the EMSA, stated that the four women were found and pronounced dead at the scene. Police believe that someone was in contact with at least one of the victims an hour before their deaths.

Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley said “It’s not everyday you see something like this in the city of Tulsa. It’s very tragic for one life to be lost, but to have four lost in the same day at the same scene, it’s very gut-wrenching.”

The motive for the apartment shooting is still under investigation. Oklahoma’s News on 6 reported that this homicide case joins the seven other homicide cases in Tulsa that have all occurred seven days into 2013.

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Raw video of the crime scene can be viewed below:

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