WATCH: NRA Goes after Obama’s Daughters for Having Armed Guards

The NRA’s latest assault in its gun-policy war with Obama takes aim at the president’s daughters in an advertisement dubbed absurd and out of line by most people who aren’t in the NRA.

The ad makes the point that the president and his family are surrounded by armed guards almost all of the time, including when his daughters are at school. The implication is that this is hypocritical because the president is opposed to having armed guards in all schools.

Nevermind the fact that presidents are the targets of many more assassination attempts than your average blue-collar worker.

The White House responded with a rapid rebuke in its own statement about the ad:

…to go so far as to make the safety of the president’s children the subject of an attack ad is repugnant and cowardly.

This is a complicated issue with many facets and many valid points on both sides. If they want to be taken seriously in this discussion, however, they’ll have to be more mature than this ad portrays them to be.

It should also be noted that in Obama’s list of 23 Executive Actions he’s going to take against gun violence, he states that he will start placing “resource officers” in schools. If anything is hypocritical about this whole debacle it’s this–why has he come out against armed guards but not against these so-called resource officers? Business Insider seems to feel the same way. Read more about it in our post on his Executive Orders:

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