WATCH: World’s Top Cyclist Says ‘F*ck Off!’ — Won’t Talk About Lance Armstrong

He may be one of the world’s top cyclist, but that doesn’t mean that 2011 Tour de France winner Mark Cavendish wants to talk about the biggest crisis his sport has ever faced. Watch his violent reaction to reporters’ questions on the subject (above) at a press event today in Ghent, Belgium.

Tonight, disgraced disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will be broadcast, and for once the world is focused on the sport — albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Cavendish either thinks he’s above discussion on topics that sully his sport, or he’s well aware that it’s the dirtiest sport on the planet and Lance is hardly the only culprit. Either way, a simple “no comment” will do, Mark.

Armstrong’s interview, for which Oprah Winfrey already said the cyclist came “READY”, for goes out at 9:30 Eastern Time on Oprah’s OWN Channel.