Wi-Fi ‘Smart Gun’ Could Turn Amateur into Expert Sniper: On Sale Monday


TrackingPoint, an applied tech firm that developed the world’s first Precision Guided Firearms, has created a Wi-Fi-enabled rifle equipped with a computerized scope — technology that could turn a novice into a deadly shot from distances nearing one mile.

The company’s new rifle, dubbed a “smart gun,” takes environmental factors (wind speed, humidity, fog, etc.) into account and also calculates the constant position of moving targets.

As shooters peer through the rifle’s laser rangefinder, they’ll see a view like the one a jet fighter sees in his cockpit.

Smart Gun Scope

The sight technology also takes ballistic drop into account.

After the target has been carefully caught in the scope, the rifle’s scope provides cross-hair icons that must be lined up with the pin that is aimed at the target. The rifle improves one’s accuracy by not allowing the shooter to pull the trigger until the cross-hairs and pin are aligned.

TrackingPoint’s rifle is also compatible with iOS-enabled devices. The rifle streams video of the shooter’s activity and allows other shooters/hunters give advice on the shot through social media.

The TrackingPoint rifle is said to be able to transform anyone into a master marksman/hunter.

The rifle is also said to be safer than a standard bolt action rifle. This is because the rifle increases the the pull strength of the trigger until the target is properly aligned.

This latest piece of armory will be available for sale on January 14, 2013.

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