Will Barney Frank Become Senator?

If John Kerry gets confirmed as Secretary of State, which he is exceedingly likely to do, his Massachusetts Senate seat will have to be filled. Governor Deval Patrick will get to appoint an interim Senator before a special election is held to fill the seat permanently. And guess who just threw his hat in the ring to be interim Senator? Barney Frank.

Barney Frank Senate

You may know frank for his outspoken style or progressive policy positions. He recently retired from a 32-year congressional career where he enjoyed a very visible national profile. Being both Jewish and gay, he has been a strong proponent for both constituencies.

He wants the interim seat because he wants to provide a progressive voice to to upcoming negotiations over sequestration and the debt ceiling. He has no interest in running in the special election, which actually helps his chances because Patrick is said to be looking to appoint a place-holder who won’t run.

Also, helping his case, is his knowledge and ability to navigate the Hill, providing Massachusetts with a very active Senator between Kerry’s confirmation and the special election. Not to mention, the excitement his name has produced in local Democratic circles. There probably isn’t a candidate for the appointment that would please the party more.

What makes all this so interesting is that Frank is a larger than life entertaining character and one who is not the type to shy away from controversy. He can be a little bit of a lightning rod even while having a reputation for working across the aisle.

Would Barney Frank make a good Senator?

(h/t The Hill)

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