Woman Stabbed a DOZEN Times in Bed, Bath & Beyond by Deranged Teen

Kerri Dalton was stabbed 12 times while she was shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond with her baby son.

Horror struck a Bed, Bath & Beyond in Middleton, New Jersey on Thursday when a man stabbed a woman twelve times while she was shopping with her baby son. Tyrik Haynes, 19, is charged with the attack and is being held on a $1 million bail. Kerri Dalton, 29, was pushing her son in his stroller when Haynes allegedly rushed up and began the stabbing, which punctured both of the woman’s lungs. Dalton was rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center where she remains in critical condition, while her son is unharmed from the incident.

Tyrik Haynes

Haynes is also the suspect of the torching of a cat on Christmas Eve, authorities report. Prior to his arrests, the deranged man was known for visiting the Petco in the same shopping center and staring at the cats. Haynes apparently bought at least one of two cats and lit their carrier on fire with with an aerosol can. One of the cats fled while still on fire and the other was rescued unharmed.

It’s believed that Haynes lurked around the Bed, Bath & Beyond for some time before he attacked Dalton. After his court appearance on Friday, he was charged with attempted murder, child endangerment, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and unlawful possession of a weapon.

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