Woman Heroically Wrestles Son from Kidnapper Who Was Arrested 103 Times

Suspect Jerry White has been arrested 103 times.

A woman from Charotte, North Carolina is now a hero after wrestling her son from a kidnapper on Sunday after he snatched the 3-year-old boy right off his bike at a local park. Camilla McCall was riding her bike with her son at Frazier Park when the man attempted to abduct the boy. McCall’s mommy instincts took over, not letting the kidnapper take her son without putting up a fight.

“He just snatched him around the waist, off the bike and that’s when I jumped on, and grabbed Liam and that’s when we were fighting about him,” McCall said. “The only thing I could think of is, I’ve got to hold on to him as tight as I can.”

Amazingly, both McCall and the boy made it away without a scratch. The napper fled, but police were able to track down a man from a receipt found at the scene from a local fast-food restaurant, believed to have belonged to the suspect. Surveillance footage from the restaurant led to the arrest of Jerry White who, get this, has already been arrested 103 times before. How is it even possible that a man arrested that many times is not in jail?

Oh, and to add insult to injury, White was released due to a lack of evidence. He was, at least, found guilty of the assault charge.

So a man who has been arrested 103–now 104– times AND who attempted kidnapping a little boy from a public park is roaming the streets at this very moment and the police are doing nothing about it? Disturbing.

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