10 Kickstarter Projects that Deserve Your Money

Kickstarter makes dreams come true. Entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, and more can achieve their goals with your financial help. If you spend just a couple of minutes on the website, you can find some truly cool projects. Here are a few that you need to jump on before they expire!

Growing Hops on Long Island, New York

David Bailey of Arizona has a dream — to build a website about dreams. His idea is that we are all connected while we sleep and wants to use the website DreamHopping.com to prove it. Users will submit their dreams and, using word matching, find others with similar dreams. If this sounds cool to you, donate by clicking here.
Keyport Slide 2.0

The Keyport Slide 2.0 promises to change what goes in your pocket. Instead of having a pocket full of jingling keys on a keychain, the Keyport Slider 2.0 keeps your keys compact in a nifty little case that slides out your keys as needed. Key rings and key chains look antiquated by comparison. Click here to fund this cool project.
The Book on Comedy

James Mar is using Kickstarter to fund his comic book about comedy. His project blends academia with comic drawings in order to explore what comedy actually is. He includes an excerpt from his book, which is a charming teaser to the rest of the book. Click here to read up on the project and to donate.
Live Through This: Life on the Other Side of Suicide

Photographer Dese’Rae L. Stage has been taking portraits of suicide attempt survivors, in a project called Live Through This, and wants to take her project to the national level. Her hope is to take the stigma out of mental illness and humanize suicide. It’s a noble cause and you can help out by donating here.
The Clown That Lost His Funny: A Children’s Book by an 11-year-old

You can help an ambitious 11-year-old, Lauren, launch her writing career by donating to this Kickstarter project. Her book is fully written and she has an illustrator, she just needs you help her finish it up and print 300 copies. Lauren is a hardworking young girl who did actual research and interviewed clowns for her book. She has other ideas for even more books, so this looks like your opportunity to help out a future literary superstar. You can donate to her campaign here.
EPICSTOKE — Upcycled Bilboard Vinyl Wallets

Wallets made out of bilboard vinyl? Of course. Joe and Nick Schaeppi of Minnesota came up with the idea to use bilboard vinyl to make durable and awesome-looking wallets, instead of letting the material waste away in a landfill forever. The vinyl is strong, protects your belongings from the elements, has a unique design, and is locally made from a recycled source. This super clever idea needs your help, so click here to donate and learn more about the company.
Kudo: Extending Battery Life Using the Sun

This company makes incredible gadgets that more than double the battery life of the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7 while still remaining sleek and lightweight. Perhaps the coolest part of Kudo is that it uses solar power to keep you surfing online and chatting with friends for twice as long as usual. Click here to read up on the product and to donate.
Cinderblock Gardens: Urban Farming in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Jarrod Tishhouse wants to bring community supported agriculture to Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his Kickstarter project. Community supported agriculture allows for an alternative to big agriculture, and grants everyone access to organic and fresh food. Click here to read more about Tishhouse’s plans for urban farming and to donate to the cause.

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